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Upstream ORF-Encoded ASDURF Is a Novel Prefoldin-like Subunit of the PAQosome

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posted on 25.11.2019, 14:06 by Philippe Cloutier, Christian Poitras, Denis Faubert, Annie Bouchard, Mathieu Blanchette, Marie-Soleil Gauthier, Benoit Coulombe
The PAQosome is an 11-subunit chaperone involved in the biogenesis of several human protein complexes. We show that ASDURF, a recently discovered upstream open reading frame (uORF) in the 5′ UTR of ASNSD1 mRNA, encodes the 12th subunit of the PAQosome. ASDURF displays significant structural homology to β-prefoldins and assembles with the five known subunits of the prefoldin-like module of the PAQosome to form a heterohexameric prefoldin-like complex. A model of the PAQosome prefoldin-like module is presented. The data presented here provide an example of a eukaryotic uORF-encoded polypeptide whose function is not limited to cis-acting translational regulation of downstream coding sequence and highlights the importance of including alternative ORF products in proteomic studies.