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Unsymmetrical Calixcrowns Incorporating Hard and Soft Loops as a New Scaffold for Multinuclear Endo/Exocyclic Complexation and Networking

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posted on 2009-09-21, 00:00 authored by Jai Young Lee, So Young Lee, Sunhong Park, Jongchul Kwon, Wonbo Sim, Shim Sung Lee
Unsymmerical calix[4]crowns containing [(O4S)(O5)] (L1) and [(O4S2)(O5)] (L2) as crown loops were employed as new scaffolds both for complexation studies and for network formation. Reactions of L1 and L2 with KI in the presence of CuI afforded a copper(I) iodide cluster linked 1D-type endocyclic dipotassium(I) complex [K2(L1)(Cu7I9)]n (1) and a copper(I) iodide cluster linked 1D-type endocyclic monopotassium(I) complex [KL22-Cu3I4)]n (2), respectively. By comparison, the reaction of L2 with KPF6 in the presence of CuI and HgI2 afforded the 1-D endocyclic potassium(I) complex [K(L2)(CuHgI4)]n (3), linked with a CuHgI4 cluster unit. The formation of homo- and heterodinuclear complexes in solution was also confirmed by comparative NMR studies.