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Unprecedented Alkene Complex of Zinc(II):  Structures and Bonding of Divinylzinc Complexes

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posted on 2006-04-12, 00:00 authored by Alfred Wooten, Patrick J. Carroll, Aaron G. Maestri, Patrick J. Walsh
This report describes the solid-state structures of a series of divinylzinc complexes, one of which represents the only structurally characterized zinc(II) π-complex. Vinylzinc reagents, Zn[C(Me)CH2]2 (1) and Zn[C(H)CMe2]2 (2), have been synthesized and isolated as white crystalline solids in 66 and 72% yield, respectively. Each compound exhibits an infinite polymeric architecture in the solid state via a series of zinc-π (1) and zinc-σ-bonded (2) bridging interactions. Addition of chelating ligands to these divinylzinc compounds allowed isolation of the monomeric adducts (bipy)Zn[C(Me)CH2]2 (1bipy), (tmeda)Zn[C(Me)CH2]2 (1tmeda), (bipy)Zn[C(H)CMe2]2 (2bipy), and (tmeda)Zn[C(H)CMe2]2 (2tmeda), of which 1bipy, 2bipy, and 2tmeda have been characterized crystallographically.