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Two Unique Entangling CdII-Coordination Frameworks Constructed by Square Cd4-Building Blocks and Auxiliary N,N′-Donor Ligands

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posted on 04.04.2012, 00:00 by Dong-Sheng Li, Peng Zhang, Jun Zhao, Zi-Fan Fang, Miao Du, Kun Zou, Yi-Qiang Mu
This work presents two unique entangled coordination polymers based on square Cd4-building blocks. Complex 1 represents the first example of 2D→ 3D parallel polycatenated architecture constructed from a 4·82-fes net, whereas complex 2 shows an unusual (3,4)-connected self- catenated network that can be viewed as the cross-linking of a 2D + 2D→3D inclined polycatenation.