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Transmembrane Fluoride Transport: Direct Measurement and Selectivity Studies

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posted on 07.12.2016, 14:50 by Harriet J. Clarke, Ethan N. W. Howe, Xin Wu, Fabian Sommer, Masafumi Yano, Mark E. Light, Stefan Kubik, Philip A. Gale
Fluoride has been overlooked as a target in the development of synthetic anion transporters despite natural fluoride transport channels being recently discovered. In this paper we report the direct measurement of fluoride transport across lipid bilayers facilitated by a series of strapped calix­[4]­pyrroles and show that these compounds facilitate transport via an electrogenic mechanism (determined using valino­mycin and monensin coupled transport assays and an additional osmotic response assay). An HPTS transport assay was used to quantify this electrogenic process and assess the interference of naturally occurring fatty acids with the transport process and Cl over H+/OH transport selectivity.