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Time-Resolved Proteomic Visualization of Dendrimer Cellular Entry and Trafficking

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posted on 14.10.2015, 00:00 by Linna Wang, Li Yang, Li Pan, Naveen Reddy Kadasala, Liang Xue, Robert J. Schuster, Laurie L. Parker, Alexander Wei, W. Andy Tao
Our understanding of the complex cell entry pathways would greatly benefit from a comprehensive characterization of key proteins involved in this dynamic process. Here we devise a novel proteomic strategy named TITAN (Tracing Internalization and TrAfficking of Nanomaterials) to reveal real-time protein–dendrimer interactions using a systems biology approach. Dendrimers functionalized with photoreactive cross-linkers were internalized by HeLa cells and irradiated at set time intervals, then isolated and subjected to quantitative proteomics. In total, 809 interacting proteins cross-linked with dendrimers were determined by TITAN in a detailed temporal manner during dendrimer internalization, traceable to at least two major endocytic mechanisms, clathrin-mediated and caveolar/raft-mediated endocytosis. The direct involvement of the two pathways was further established by the inhibitory effect of dynasore on dendrimer uptake and changes in temporal profiles of key proteins.