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Three-Dimensional Silver-dabco Coordination Polymers with Zeolitic or Three-Connected Topology

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posted on 05.11.2014, 00:00 by Flora L. Thorp-Greenwood, Alexander N. Kulak, Michaele J. Hardie
The simple linear linking ligand diazabicyclo­[2.2.2]­octane (dabco) combines with silver­(I) to form three-dimensional (3D) coordination polymers which have either a zeolitic mtn topology structure or a (10,3)-b ths network according to the counteranion used. The tetrahedral anions BF4 or ReO4 promote formation of [Ag­(dabco)2]·X, which has a 3D four-connected mtn framework of fused 512 and 64512 cages, and the material shows modest absorption of iodine. The bulky anion [Co­(C2B9H11)2] and an excess of dabco promote formation of complex [Ag2(dabco)3­(CH3CN)2]­·2­[Co­(C2B9H11)2] with a three-connected (10,3)-b network, while use of 1 equiv of dabco gives a previously reported [Ag­(dabco)]­·[Co­(C2B9H11)2], which has a one-dimensional coordination chain structure.