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Three-Component Cascade Synthesis of Fully Substituted Trifluoromethyl Pyrroles via a Cu(II)/Rh(III)-Promoted Aza-Michael Addition/Trifluoromethylation Cyclization/Oxidation Reaction

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posted on 02.06.2020, 13:06 authored by Junying Ge, Qiuping Ding, Xinhua Wang, Yiyuan Peng
A three-component cascade reaction of 1,3-enynes, anilines, and Togni-II reagent has been developed to give fully substituted trifluoromethyl pyrroles with high regioselectivity under mild conditions. The transformation proceeds through a Cu­(II)/Rh­(III)-promoted cascade aza-Michael addition/trifluoromethylation cyclization/oxidation reaction, affording trifluoromethyl pyrrole derivatives as primary products.