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The Use of Phosphirenes as Conjugating Spacers in Polythiophene Chains

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posted on 2006-10-09, 00:00 authored by Ngoc Hoa Tran Huy, Emilie Perrier, Louis Ricard, François Mathey
A series of thienyl-substituted phosphirene P−W(CO)5 complexes were synthesized by reaction of the transient terminal phosphinidene complex [Ph−P−W(CO)5] with the appropriate thienyl-substituted alkynes. The X-ray structural study of these complexes shows coplanar thiophene and phosphirene rings, suggesting a good inter-ring conjugation. A combined 13C NMR−NBO analysis indicates that the CC double bond of the phosphirene ring is highly polarizable. UV spectra show a red-shift of the absorption when converting the alkynes into the phosphirenes. CV data are also given.