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The Synthesis and Crystal Structures of Two-Dimensional Coordination Polymers of Ph2P(O)−CH2CH2−P(O)Ph2 and Ph2P(O)−C5H3N−P(O)Ph2 with Praseodymium

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posted on 03.05.2004, 00:00 authored by Zdenek Spichal, Marek Necas, Jiri Pinkas, Josef Novosad
Reactions of Pr(NO3)3 with Ph2P(O)−CH2CH2−P(O)Ph2 and Ph2P(O)−C5H3N−P(O)Ph2 yielded layered network coordination polymers with bidentate ligands spanning the lanthanide atoms in a bridging fashion. The praseodymium cations with “spacer” ligands form two-dimensional building blocks assembling into either square grid or herringbone network.