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The Chemistry of ortho-(Diarylphosphino)aryl Isocyanides

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posted on 28.12.2015, 00:00 by Lujun Zhang, Wenfei Yu, Changchun Liu, Youzhi Xu, Zheng Duan, Francois Mathey
The title phosphine-isocyanides were obtained by reaction of 2-lithioaryl isocyanides with diarylchlorophosphines. They cyclize to 1,3-benzazaphospholes with cleavage of their two aryl–P bonds upon treatment with an excess of lithium in THF. Their PCH2 ylids spontaneously evolve to give λ5-1,4-benzazaphosphinines. Their complexation by gold­(I), palladium­(II), and nickel­(II) chlorides has been investigated. An original pincer diphosphine–carbene complex has been obtained with palladium. The new products have been characterized by X-ray crystal structure analysis.