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Tetradehydrodinaphtho[10]annulene: A Hitherto Unknown Dehydroannulene and a Viable Precursor to Stable Zethrene Derivatives

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posted on 17.09.2009, 00:00 by Rui Umeda, Daijiro Hibi, Koji Miki, Yoshito Tobe
The synthesis and structural characterization of hitherto unknown tetradehydrodinaphtho[10]annulene, a hydrocarbon whose synthesis had been attempted four decades ago, was achieved for the first time. Moreover, the dinaphtho[10]annulene was transformed smoothly into stable zethrene derivatives substituted at its 7,14-positions, showing that it serves as a good reservoir of zethrene derivatives. Optical and electrochemical properties of a disubstituted zethrene derivative are also presented.