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Tenuipyrone, a Novel Skeletal Polyketide from the Entomopathogenic Fungus, Isaria tenuipes, Cultivated in the Presence of Epigenetic Modifiers

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posted on 22.02.2016, 08:12 by Teigo Asai, Yu-Ming Chung, Hiroaki Sakurai, Tomoji Ozeki, Fang-Rong Chang, Kouwa Yamashita, Yoshiteru Oshima
The concomitant addition of the histone deacetylase inhibitor and the DNA methyltransferase inhibitor to the culture medium of an entomopathogenic fungus, Isaria tenuipes, greatly enhanced its secondary metabolite production and led to the isolation of tenuipyrone (1), a novel polyketide with an unprecedented tetracyclic ring system bearing a spiroketal structural component, along with two known C10-polyketides, cephalosporolide B (2), which is a plausible biosynthetic precursor of 1, and cephalosporolide F (3).