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Targeted Quantitative Profiling of GTP-Binding Proteins Associated with Metastasis of Melanoma Cells

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posted on 2021-10-25, 19:50 authored by Rong Cai, David Bade, Xiaochuan Liu, Ming Huang, Tianyu F. Qi, Yinsheng Wang
Metastasis is a major obstacle in the therapeutic intervention of melanoma, and several GTP-binding proteins were found to play important roles in regulating cancer metastasis. To assess systematically the regulatory roles of these proteins in melanoma metastasis, we employed a targeted chemoproteomic method, which relies on the application of stable isotope-labeled desthiobiotin-GTP acyl phosphate probes in conjunction with scheduled multiple-reaction monitoring (MRM), for profiling quantitatively the GTP-binding proteins. Following probe labeling, tryptic digestion, and affinity pull-down of desthiobiotin-conjugated peptides, differences in expression levels of GTP-binding proteins in two matched pairs of primary/metastatic melanoma cell lines were measured using liquid chromatography–MRM analysis. We also showed that among the top upregulated proteins in metastatic melanoma cells, AK4 promotes the migration and invasion of melanoma cells; overexpression of AK4 in primary melanoma cells leads to augmented migration and invasion, and reciprocally, knockdown of AK4 in metastatic melanoma cells results in repressed invasiveness. In summary, we examined the relative expression levels of GTP-binding proteins in two pairs of primary/metastatic melanoma cell lines. Our results confirmed some previously reported regulators of melanoma metastasis and revealed a potential role of AK4 in promoting melanoma metastasis.