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T-Shaped Cationic CuI Complexes with Hemilabile PNP-Type Ligands

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posted on 02.06.2008, 00:00 by Jarl Ivar van der Vlugt, Evgeny A. Pidko, Dieter Vogt, Martin Lutz, Anthony L. Spek, Auke Meetsma
The versatile coordination behavior of the PNP ligands 1A (2,6-bis[(di-tert-butylphosphino)methyl]pyridine) and 1B (2,6-bis[(diphenylphosphino)methyl]pyridine) to CuI is described, whereby a hemilabile interaction of the pyridine N-donor atom to the copper center resulted in a rare T-shaped complex with 1A, while with 1B also a tetracoordinated species could be isolated. Theoretical calculations support the weak interaction of the pyridine N donor in 1A with the Cu center.