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System-Wide Quantitative Proteomics of the Metabolic Syndrome in Mice: Genotypic and Dietary Effects

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posted on 12.12.2016, 00:00 authored by Camille Terfve, Eduard Sabidó, Yibo Wu, Emanuel Gonçalves, Meena Choi, Stefania Vaga, Olga Vitek, Julio Saez-Rodriguez, Ruedi Aebersold
Advances in mass spectrometry have made the quantitative measurement of proteins across multiple samples a reality, allowing for the study of complex biological systems such as the metabolic syndrome. Although the deregulation of lipid metabolism and increased hepatic storage of triacylglycerides are known to play a part in the onset of the metabolic syndrome, its molecular basis and dependency on dietary and genotypic factors are poorly characterized. Here, we used an experimental design with two different mouse strains and dietary and metabolic perturbations to generate a compendium of quantitative proteome data using three mass spectrometric techniques. The data reproduce known properties of the metabolic system and indicate differential molecular adaptation of the two mouse strains to perturbations, contributing to a better understanding of the metabolic syndrome. We show that high-quality, high-throughput proteomic data sets provide an unbiased broad overview of the behavior of complex systems after perturbation.