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Synthesis of Six-Component Metallodendrimers via [3 + 3] Coordination-Driven Self-Assembly

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posted on 01.05.2009, 00:00 authored by Hai-Bo Yang, Brian H. Northrop, Yao-Rong Zheng, Koushik Ghosh, Matthew M. Lyndon, David C. Muddiman, Peter J. Stang
A new class of 120° dendritic di-Pt(II) acceptor subunits has been designed and synthesized, from which six-component hexagonal metallodendrimers were easily formed with 120° dendritic dipyridine donors via [3 + 3] coordination-driven self-assembly. The structures of all metallodendrimers are confirmed by multinuclear NMR, ESI-TOF-MS/ESI-FTMS, and elemental analysis. MMFF force-field simulations indicates that all metallodendrimers have a hexagonal ring with an internal radius of approximately 1.4 nm.