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Synthesis of Polycyclic Nitrogen Heterocycles via Alkene Aminopalladation/Carbopalladation Cascade Reactions

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posted on 2010-03-05, 00:00 authored by Danielle M. Schultz, John P. Wolfe
A new method for the synthesis of tricyclic nitrogen heterocycles from N,2-diallylaniline derivatives is described. These transformations proceed via sequential alkene aminopalladation of an intermediate LnPd(Ar)(NRR′) species followed by alkene carbopalladation of the resulting LnPd(Ar)(R) complex. Both alkene insertion steps occur in preference to C−N or C−C bond-forming reductive elimination. An unusual 1,3-palladium shift occurs when 2-Allyl-N-(2-vinylphenyl)aniline is employed as substrate, which yields a tetracyclic molecule with three contiguous stereocenters.