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Synthesis of New Chiral Heterobimetallic Chromium−Ruthenium Complexes by Regioselective Insertion of Ruthenium into the C−S Bond of Tricarbonyl-η6-[(thiophenyl)arene]chromium Complexes

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posted on 2002-09-18, 00:00 authored by José Giner Planas, Damien Prim, Françoise Rose-Munch, Eric Rose, René Thouvenot, Jacqueline Vaissermann
We report the synthesis of a series of chiral heterobimetallic complexes of the type [R = (η6-arene)Cr(CO)3, R‘ = H or R = H, R‘ = (η6-arene)Cr(CO)3] and one X-ray structure. All new complexes react with MeI, affording the analogous cationic complexes and the diamagnetic NMR chiral shift reagent TRISPHAT anion has been used to differentiate the enantiomers of a selected complex in solution.