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Synthesis of Neutral Mixed Sandwich CH2-SiR2 Bridged [2]Cobaltoarenophanes from the Dilithiation of Cb*CoCp [Co(η4-C4Me4)(η5-C5H5)]

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posted on 02.04.2020, 14:37 by Preeti Chadha, Jason L. Dutton, Michael J. Sgro, Paul J. Ragogna
The dilithiation of [Co(η4-C4Me4)(η5-C5H5)] to give [Co(η4-C4Me3CH2Li)(η5-C5H4Li)]·PMDETA and the subsequent synthesis and characterization of the CH2-SiR2-bridged [2]cobaltoarenophanes is reported. This is the first development in the chemistry of neutral 18-electron metalloarenophanes featuring a group 9 transition metal.