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Synthesis of Homoleptic Barium Alkoxides and Aryloxides and Their Reactions with Al(CH3)3:  a Convenient Route to Heterometallic Species

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posted on 25.07.2005 by Józef Utko, Sławomir Szafert, Lucjan B. Jerzykiewicz, Piotr Sobota
Reactions of metallic Ba with benzofuranol (dbbfoH) or diethylene glycol give homoleptic and homonuclear complexes Ba(dbbfo)2(dbbfoH)2·3dbbfoH and Ba{O(CH2CH2O)2}{O(CH2CH2OH)2}2 (60−89%). Both compounds and formerly described Ba{O(CH2CH2O)2Me}2 react with Al(CH3)3 to yield trinuclear heterobimetallic low-coordinated barium compounds with structure and geometry depending on the reaction stoichiometry and crystallization procedure.