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Synthesis and Structures of Gallium Amido Imido Phenyl Clusters (PhGa)4(NHiBu)4(NiBu)2 and (PhGa)7(NHMe)4(NMe)5

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posted on 2002-10-29, 00:00 authored by Bing Luo, Wayne L. Gladfelter
The phenylgallium-containing clusters constructed with bridging imido and amido ligands, (PhGa)4(NHiBu)4(NiBu)2 (1) (51% yield) and (PhGa)7(NHMe)4(NMe)5 (2) (31% yield), were synthesized from the room-temperature reactions of bis(dimethylamido)phenylgallium, [PhGa(NMe2)2]2, with isobutylamine and methylamine, respectively. The reaction of [PhGa(NMe2)2]2 in refluxing isobutylamine (85 °C) afforded (Ph2GaNHiBu)2 as one of the products, while the reaction of [PhGa(NMe2)2]2 with methylamine at 150 °C afforded compound 2 in only 9% yield. Compound 1 possessed an admantane-like Ga4N6 core, whereas compound 2 had a novel Ga7N9 core constructed with both chair- and boat-shaped Ga3N3 rings. The presence of several isomers of compounds 1 and 2 in solution is discussed along the structural similarities with other known gallium−nitrogen clusters and with gallium nitride.