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Synthesis and Structure of [Li2C(PPh2NSiMe3)(PPh2S)]: A Geminal Dianionic Ligand

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posted on 10.08.2009, 00:00 by Jun-Hui Chen, Jiayi Guo, Yongxin Li, Cheuk-Wai So
The (iminophosphoranyl)(thiophosphoranyl)methane [CH2(PPh2NSiMe3)(PPh2S)] (2) was obtained by the reaction of the phosphine−phosphinimine [Ph2PCH2(PPh2NSiMe3)] (1) with sulfur in toluene. Treatment of 2 with BunLi in THF at −90 °C afforded the lithium (iminophosphoranyl)(thiophosphoranyl)methanide [Li{CH(PPh2S)(PPh2NSiMe3)}] (3). The geminal dianion derivative [Li2{C(PPh2S)(PPh2NSiMe3)}] (4) was synthesized by double deprotonation of 2 with a stoichiometric amount of ButLi in Et2O at −90 °C. The structures of compounds 24 have been determined by X-ray crystallography.