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Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Monomeric Heterobimetallic Oxides with a Ge(II)−O−M Skeleton (M = Yb, Y)

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posted on 10.12.2007, 00:00 by Ying Yang, Herbert W. Roesky, Peter G. Jones, Cheuk-Wai So, Zhensheng Zhang, Regine Herbst-Irmer, Hongqi Ye
The germanium hydroxide complexes LGe(μ-O)M(THF)Cp2 (M = Yb, 1; Y, 2; L = HC[C(Me)N(Ar)]2; Ar = 2,6-iPr2C6H3) were prepared by the reaction of LGeOH with Cp3M (M = Yb, Y) in THF at ambient temperature with the elimination of HCp. 1 and 2 are pale-yellow solids. Both compounds crystallize isotypically as monomers in a triclinic space group P1̄ (pseudo-merohedrally twinned, two independent molecules) and were found to be stable in the solid state and in solution at room temperature. The six-membered C3N2Ge rings in 1 and 2 display a boat conformation with the germanium and the γ-C out-of-plane. The Ge−O−M skeleton exhibits a bent arrangement (angles 151−154°). The 1H NMR investigation of 2 confirmed that the solid-state structure is also found in solution.