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Synthesis and Properties of Butterfly-Shaped Expanded Naphthofuran Derivatives

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posted on 2014-03-21, 00:00 authored by Kentaro Nakanishi, Takahiro Sasamori, Kouji Kuramochi, Norihiro Tokitoh, Takeo Kawabata, Kazunori Tsubaki
The construction of dinaphtho­[2,1-b;2′,3′-d]­furan-6-ol was developed via a dehydration reaction involving two molecules of 2,3-dihydroxy­naph­thalene in the presence of a strong acid. Starting from the dinaph­tho­furan, a variety of butterfly shaped derivatives were synthesized. The optical properties of these compounds were investigated with special attention to the dihedral angle formed by adjacent dinaph­tho­furan rings and/or the sizes of the fused aromatic rings.