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Synthesis and Profiling of a Diverse Collection of Azetidine-Based Scaffolds for the Development of CNS-Focused Lead-like Libraries

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posted on 20.02.2016, 12:23 by Jason T. Lowe, Maurice D. Lee, Lakshmi B. Akella, Emeline Davoine, Etienne J. Donckele, Landon Durak, Jeremy R. Duvall, Baudouin Gerard, Edward B. Holson, Adrien Joliton, Sarathy Kesavan, Berenice C. Lemercier, Haibo Liu, Jean-Charles Marié, Carol A. Mulrooney, Giovanni Muncipinto, Morgan Welzel-O’Shea, Laura M. Panko, Ann Rowley, Byung-Chul Suh, Meryl Thomas, Florence F. Wagner, Jingqiang Wei, Michael A. Foley, Lisa A. Marcaurelle
The synthesis and diversification of a densely functionalized azetidine ring system to gain access to a wide variety of fused, bridged, and spirocyclic ring systems is described. The in vitro physicochemical and pharmacokinetic properties of representative library members are measured in order to evaluate the use of these scaffolds for the generation of lead-like molecules to be used in targeting the central nervous system. The solid-phase synthesis of a 1976-membered library of spirocyclic azetidines is also described.