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Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of a Highly Conducting Neutral Nickel Complex with a Highly Conjugated Tetrathiafulvalenedithiolate Ligand

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posted on 20.08.2007, 00:00 by He-Rui Wen, Cheng-Hui Li, You Song, Jing-Lin Zuo, Bin Zhang, Xiao-Zeng You
A neutral nickel complex with the extended tetrathiafulvalene-4,5-dithiolate ligand benzotetrathiafulvalenedithiolate (btdt2-) is synthesized and characterized. From the structural analysis, the neighboring molecules in this complex are stacked in a different way compared to the previously reported single-component metal [Ni(tmdt)2]. The computational studies confirm that the difference in molecular packing results in the variance of conductivity.