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Synthesis and Anion Affinity of a Bidendate Sulfonium Fluorosilane Lewis Acid

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posted on 05.02.2010, 00:00 by Youngmin Kim, Mieock Kim, François P. Gabbaï
The cationic fluorosilane [1-Ant2FSi-2-Me2S-(C6H4)]+ (2+) readily complexes fluoride ions to afford the corresponding zwitterionic difluorosilicate complex 1-Ant2F2Si-2-Me2S-(C6H4) (2-F) with a binding constant in CHCl3 of 7 (±1) × 106 M−1. Structural and computational results indicate that the high fluorophilicity of 2+ arises from both Coulombic and cooperative effects reflected by the formation of a Si−F→S bridge with a F→S distance of 2.741(3) Å.