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Synthesis, Structure, and Photophysical and Electrochemical Properties of a π-Stacked Polymer

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posted on 17.12.2003, 00:00 by Tamaki Nakano, Tohru Yade
Dibenzofulvene (DBF) was polymerized using anionic initiators to afford a vinyl polymer. Oligo(DBF)s having from two to eight side-chain fluorene moieties bearing different chain-terminal groups were isolated by preparative size-exclusion chromatography. The structures of the isolated oligomers were revealed by single-crystal X-ray and 1H NMR analyses. Both in solution and in crystal, the in-chain fluorene moieties stacked on top of each other, while the terminal conformation varied depending on the terminal group. These conformational characteristics were supported by molecular mechanics and dynamics calculations. The oligomers and polymers indicated hypochromism and red shift in UV absorption spectra and exclusive excimer emission in fluorescence spectra. In addition, reduced oxidation potentials were observed for the oligomers in electrochemical analyses, which suggests charge delocalization over the π-stacked electron systems. The photophysical and electrochemical effects increased with the chain length of the oligomers and leveled off around the chain length of an oligomer consisting of five fluorene units.