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Synthesis, Structure, and Basic Magnetic and Thermoelectric Properties of the Light Lanthanide Aurobismuthides

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posted on 14.03.2016, 13:48 by Elizabeth M. Seibel, Weiwei Xie, Quinn D. Gibson, Robert J. Cava
We report the crystal structures and elementary properties of the new aurobismuthides La3Au3Bi4, Ce3Au3Bi4, Pr3Au3Bi4, Nd3Au3Bi4, Sm3Au3Bi4, and Gd3Au3Bi4. These ternary compounds are found only for the large lanthanides and crystallize in the cubic Y3Au3Sb4 structure type, which is a stuffed Th3P4-type derivative. The compounds are electron-precise, leading to semiconducting behavior, and display magnetic properties arising from localized lanthanide f states. Resistivity data, Seebeck coefficient measurements, and electronic structure calculations suggest that these phases are heavily doped, p-type semiconductors. Nd3Au3Bi4 and Sm3Au3Bi4 have Seebeck coefficients of 105 and 190 μV/K at 350 K, respectively, making them worthy of further thermoelectric studies.