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Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Thermolysis of the First Tetracoordinate 1λ4,2-Selenazetidines:  Aziridine Formation Reaction from a Four-Membered Heterocycle Bearing Highly Coordinate Selenium

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posted on 16.02.2001, 00:00 by Naokazu Kano, Yuya Daicho, Nobuhito Nakanishi, Takayuki Kawashima
The first tetracoordinate 1λ4,2-selenazetidines were synthesized by taking advantage of the Martin ligand and characterized by X-ray crystallographic analysis. The selenazetidines gave the corresponding aziridine and the cyclic selenenate on their thermolysis, which indicates the possibility that a highly coordinate 1,2-heterachalcogenetane may provide the corresponding heteracyclopropane regardless of the heteroatoms.