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Syntheses of (+)-30-epi-, (−)-6-epi‑, (±)-6,30-epi-13,14-Didehydroxyisogarcinol and (±)-6,30-epi-Garcimultiflorone A Utilizing Highly Diastereoselective, Lewis Acid-Controlled Cyclizations

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posted on 2016-10-16, 00:00 authored by Jonathan H. Boyce, Vincent Eschenbrenner-Lux, John A. Porco
The first syntheses of 13,14-didehydroxyisogarcinol (6) and garcimultiflorone A (5) stereoisomers are reported in six steps from a commercially available phloroglucinol. Lewis acid-controlled, diastereoselective cationic oxycyclizations enabled asymmetric syntheses of (−)-6-epi-6 and (+)-30-epi-6. A similar strategy enabled production of the meso-dervied isomers (±)-6,30-epi-6 and (±)-6,30-epi-5. Finally, a convenient strategy for gram scale synthesis was developed utilizing diastereomer separation at a later stage in the synthesis that minimized the number of necessary synthetic operations to access all possible stereoisomers.