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Syntheses and Structures of Tungsten o-(Diphenylphosphino)benzaldehyde Complexes Bearing π-Bonded Aldehyde Groups

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posted on 16.02.2004, 00:00 by Wen-Yann Yeh, Cha-Shie Lin, Shie-Ming Peng, Gene-Hsiang Lee
Reaction of the bidentate ligand Ph2P(o-C6H4)C(O)H (abbreviated as PCHO) with W(CO)33-(MeNCH2)3) at room temperature affords W(CO)31-PCHO)(η3-PCHO) (1), which subsequently loses a carbonyl ligand to give W(CO)23-PCHO)2 (2). Further treatment of 2 with PCHO in refluxing benzene results in carbon−carbon coupling of the PCHO ligands to produce W(CO)(η3-PCHO)(η3-(PCHO)2) (3). The structures of 13 have been determined by an X-ray diffraction study. The PCHO ligands in these compounds act as chelating phosphine−aldehydes with the aldehyde groups coordinating in a π fashion.