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Switchable Synthesis of Ethylene/Acrylate Copolymers by a Dinickel Catalyst: Evidence for Chain Growth on Both Nickel Centers and Concepts of Cation Exchange Polymerization

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posted on 2024-03-25, 10:43 authored by Shuoyan Xiong, Heather A. Spinney, Brad C. Bailey, Briana S. Henderson, Adjeoda A. Tekpor, Matthew R. Espinosa, Paramita Saha, Theodor Agapie
A dinickel complex, X-Ni2, was developed and demonstrated to have a high performance in ethylene/acrylate copolymerization. Further mechanistic studies revealed that X-Ni2 performs acrylate insertion at both Ni centers at distinct rates. Addition of NaBArF24 to X-Ni2 leads to 1:1 binding and serves as a switch for tuning catalytic activity, copolymer MW and acrylate incorporation. NMR studies of cation binding, when present in substoichiometric amounts, suggest a dynamic process involving cation exchange. This phenomenon provides an alternative strategy for controlling chain growth in polar polyolefin synthesis and was probed herein.