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Switchable Nonlinear Optical and Tunable Luminescent Properties Triggered by Multiple Phase Transitions in a Perovskite-Like Compound

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posted on 06.03.2017, 15:48 by Lin Zhou, Xuan Zheng, Ping-Ping Shi, Zainab Zafar, Heng-Yun Ye, Da-Wei Fu, Qiong Ye
A new perovskite-like inorganic–organic hybrid compound [Et3(n-Pr)­P]­[Cd­(dca)3] (1) (where [Et3(n-Pr)­P]+ is the propyltriethylphosphonium cation and dca is a dicyanamide ligand) was discovered to undergo three reversible phase transitions at 270 K (T1), 386 K (T2), and 415 K (T3), respectively. The variable-temperature single-crystal X-ray structural analyses reveal that these sequential phase transitions originate from the deformations of the [Cd­(dca)3] frameworks and the concomitant reorientations of the [Et3(n-Pr)­P]+ guest cations. It is found that 1 possesses a sensitive nonlinear optical (NLO) switching at T2 with a large contrast of ∼40 within a narrow temperature range of ∼7 K. Furthermore, 1 shows intriguing photoluminescence (PL) property, and the PL intensity suffers a plunge near T3. The multiple phase transitions, switchable NLO and tunable luminescent properties simultaneously exist in this inorganic–organic perovskite-like hybrid compound, suggesting its great potential application in molecular switches and photoelectric field.