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Structure-Directing Self-Assembly, Structures and Characterization of Four d0‑Transition Metal Oxide/Fluoride Compounds Constructed with Imidazole/1-Methylimidazole/1-Vinylimidazole and Copper(II)/Zinc(II)

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posted on 06.02.2013, 00:00 authored by Yi-Ping Tong, Guo-Tian Luo, Jin Zhen, You Shen, Hui-Ru Liu
Four d0 transition metal oxide/fluoride compounds of V­(V), Mo­(VI), and Ti­(IV), with the “2D layer”, “1D zigzag chain”, “1D linear chain”, and “0D cluster” structures, have been hydrothermally synthesized, by the structure-directing self-assembly of Meimi/Viimi/imi ligands, and other transition metal Zn­(II)/Cd­(II) ions. The structure-directing property of d0 transition metal oxide/fluoride anions is responsible for the tunable syntheses of novel inorganic solids with structural diversities, while the distortion of the d0 transition metal oxide/fluoride polyhedrons, owing to the second-order Jahn–Teller (SOJT) effect, is the key to engineering the structure-directing property.