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Structural Characterization of a Copper Nitrosyl Complex with a {CuNO}10 Configuration

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posted on 2010-10-20, 00:00 authored by Ashley M. Wright, Guang Wu, Trevor W. Hayton
The synthesis and characterization of a {CuNO}10 complex, namely, [Cu(CH3NO2)5(NO)][PF6]2, has been achieved by the addition of [NO][PF6] to copper metal powder in the presence of nitromethane. In the solid state, this complex exhibits a bent Cu−N−O moiety [Cu−N−O = 121.0(3)°] and a long Cu−N bond. This complex readily reacts with mesitylene to form [mesitylene, NO][PF6] and [Cu(η2-1,3,5-Me3C6H3)2][PF6] by transfer of NO+ to the mesitylene ring.