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Sterically Protected N2O‑Type Benzopyrromethene Boron Complexes from Boronic Acids with Intense Red/Near-Infrared Fluorescence

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posted on 2017-03-31, 16:19 authored by Na Chen, Wenjie Zhang, Shun Chen, Qinghua Wu, Changjiang Yu, Yun Wei, Yuekang Xu, Erhong Hao, Lijuan Jiao
A series of N2O-type benzopyrromethene boron complexes have been synthesized from the condensation of pyrrole, formylisoindole, and various boronic acids. These dyes have red/near-infrared absorption, high solution- and solid-state fluorescence, as well as good solubility in a variety of solvents due to the presence of axial-substituted groups that provide steric protection and prevent their possible aggregations. Two water-soluble derivatives with pyridinium ions were developed as near-infrared excitable mitochondrially localizing fluorescent probes.