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Stereospecific Halogenation of P(O)-H Bonds with Copper(II) Chloride Affording Optically Active Z1Z2P(O)Cl

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posted on 19.11.2010, 00:00 by Yongbo Zhou, Gang Wang, Yuta Saga, Ruwei Shen, Midori Goto, Yufen Zhao, Li-Biao Han
A general and efficient method for the preparation of optically active Z1Z2P(O)Cl from the easily prepared optically active H-phosphinates and H-phosphine oxides was reported. H-Phosphinates and H-phosphine oxides react stereospecifically with CuCl2 to produce the corresponding optically active Z1Z2P(O)Cl with retention of configuration at the phosphorus center. Optically active Z1Z2P(O)Cl reacts easily with a variety of nucleophiles to produce other chiral organophosphorus acid derivatives with inversion of configuration at phosphorus.