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Stereoselective α-Aminoallylation of Aldehydes with Chiral tert-Butanesulfinamides and Allyl Bromides

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posted on 2010-09-17, 00:00 authored by José C. González-Gómez, Mohamed Medjahdi, Francisco Foubelo, Miguel Yus
The combination of an aldehyde, an allylic bromide, and tert-butanesulfinamide in the presence of indium metal and titanium tetraethoxide allows straightforward access to homoallylamine derivatives in high yields and stereoselectivities. Moreover, the synthetic utility of the enantioenriched homoallylamine derived from n-decanal was illustrated in a concise synthesis of (+)-isosolenopsin. In this context, similar homoallylamines has been recently used by other groups in the synthesis of naturally occurring alkaloids.