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Stereoselective Activity of 1‑Propargyl-4-styrylpiperidine-like Analogues That Can Discriminate between Monoamine Oxidase Isoforms A and B

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posted on 22.01.2020, 20:51 by Damijan Knez, Natalia Colettis, Luca G. Iacovino, Matej Sova, Anja Pišlar, Janez Konc, Samo Lešnik, Josefina Higgs, Fabiola Kamecki, Irene Mangialavori, Ana Dolšak, Simon Žakelj, Jurij Trontelj, Janko Kos, Claudia Binda, Mariel Marder, Stanislav Gobec
The resurgence of interest in monoamine oxidases (MAOs) has been fueled by recent correlations of this enzymatic activity with cardiovascular, neurological, and oncological disorders. This has promoted increased research into selective MAO-A and MAO-B inhibitors. Here, we shed light on how selective inhibition of MAO-A and MAO-B can be achieved by geometric isomers of cis- and trans-1-propargyl-4-styrylpiperidines. While the cis isomers are potent human MAO-A inhibitors, the trans analogues selectively target only the MAO-B isoform. The inhibition was studied by kinetic analysis, UV–vis spectrum measurements, and X-ray crystallography. The selective inhibition of the MAO-A and MAO-B isoforms was confirmed ex vivo in mouse brain homogenates, and additional in vivo studies in mice show the therapeutic potential of 1-propargyl-4-styrylpiperidines for central nervous system disorders. This study represents a unique case of stereoselective activity of cis/trans isomers that can discriminate between structurally related enzyme isoforms.