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Stable, Well-Defined Nickel(0) Catalysts for Catalytic C–C and C–N Bond Formation

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posted on 11.06.2018, 00:00 by Alex J. Nett, Santiago Cañellas, Yuki Higuchi, Michael T. Robo, Jeanne M. Kochkodan, M. Taylor Haynes, Jeff W. Kampf, John Montgomery
The synthesis and catalytic activity of several classes of NHC–Ni(0) precatalysts stabilized by electron-withdrawing alkenes are described. Variations in the structure of fumarate and acrylate ligands modulate the reactivity and stability of the NHC–Ni(0) precatalysts and lead to practical and versatile catalysts for a variety of transformations. The catalytic activity and efficiency of representative members of this class of catalysts have been evaluated in reductive couplings of aldehydes and alkynes and in N-arylations of amines.