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Spectrum of the Autoionizing Triplet Gerade Rydberg States of H2 and its Analysis Using Multichannel Quantum-Defect Theory

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posted on 2016-02-18, 18:26 authored by Daniel Sprecher, Christian Jungen, Frédéric Merkt
A new spectrum of the autoionizing triplet states of gerade symmetry of H2 has been recorded from the υ″ = 1–4, N″ = 1–3 rovibrational levels of the metastable c 3Πu state in a supersonic beam. The spectrum consists of overlapping ns and nd Rydberg series with n in the range between 4 and 45 converging to the υ+ = 1–4, N+ = 0–5 levels of the X+ 2Σg+ ground state of H2+. Numerous perturbations caused by s–d and rovibrational channel interactions are revealed in the spectrum and were fully assigned by combining double-resonance experiments and ab initio multichannel quantum-defect theory (MQDT). The energy- and internuclear-distance-dependent eigenquantum-defect parameters of MQDT were derived from available ab initio calculations of the low-lying electronic states of H2 and the ground state of H2+ and were subsequently refined in a global fit to experimental data. The positions of 552 triplet ns and nd Rydberg levels of H2 (361 of which were measured in the present study) could be reproduced with a root-mean-square deviation of 0.2 cm–1.