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Solubility Behaviors and Correlations of Common Solvent–Antisolvent Systems

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posted on 2020-10-14, 17:34 authored by Jun Qiu, Jacob Albrecht, Jacob Janey
This report is a follow-up to our two prior publications that analyzed solubility behaviors and correlations of common solvents. The statistical results reported herein, on a large number of common solvent–antisolvent systems, are obtained with the same log/log linear regression methodology. From the analysis, we have identified strong solubility correlations in many Type 1 (same solvent/antisolvent, different ratio) and Type 2 (same ratio/antisolvent, different solvent) solvent–antisolvent system pairs. Many of these solvent mixtures are amenable to solubility predictions based on a simple extrapolation methodology. These findings empower scientists to compress and optimize solubility screening designs by eliminating measurements that are likely to produce redundant information.