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Single Component Lanthanide Hybrids Based on Metal–Organic Framework for Near-Ultraviolet White Light LED

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posted on 25.08.2016, 00:00 authored by Yan-Wu Zhao, Fu-Qiang Zhang, Xian-Ming Zhang
Near-UV single-phase white-light phosphor (Eu0.045Tb0.955CPOMBA/La0.6Eu0.1Tb0.3CPOMBA) based on metal–organic framework was prepared by in situ doping isostructural lanthanide MOF with Eu3+ and Tb3+, and it is found that the energy can effectively transfer from organic ligand to lanthanides, which can overcome weak absorption under direct excitation of lanthanide ions due to the forbidden f–f transitions. The photoluminescence and thermostability of the new MOF phosphor are investigated, and effective white-light emission is achieved under 365 and 380 nm excitations. By employing Eu0.045Tb0.955CPOMBA as phosphor, we fabricated a near-ultraviolet white-light-emitting diode (n-UV WLED) (365 nm) with low CCT (5733 K), high CRI (Ra = 73.4), and CIE chromaticity coordinate (0.3264, 0.3427). This approach may open new perspectives for developing single-phase UV phosphors.