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Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Postsynthetic Modification of a Metal–Organic Framework via Ozonolysis

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posted on 24.01.2018, 00:00 by Jorge Albalad, Heng Xu, Felipe Gándara, Mohamed Haouas, Charlotte Martineau-Corcos, Rubén Mas-Ballesté, Sarah A. Barnett, Judith Juanhuix, Inhar Imaz, Daniel Maspoch
We describe solid–gas phase, single-crystal-to-single-crystal, postsynthetic modifications of a metal–organic framework (MOF). Using ozone, we quantitatively transformed the olefin groups of a UiO-66-type MOF into 1,2,4-trioxolane rings, which we then selectively converted into either aldehydes or carboxylic acids.