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Single-Atom-Kernelled Nanocluster Catalyst

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posted on 2022-07-22, 20:46 authored by Shengli Zhuang, Dong Chen, Wentao Fan, Jinyun Yuan, Lingwen Liao, Yan Zhao, Jin Li, Haiteng Deng, Jun Yang, Jinlong Yang, Zhikun Wu
To propose the concept of single-atom-kernelled nanocluster, we synthesized a Pd-based trimetal nanocluster with a single-Ag atom-kernel for the first time by introducing some steric hindrance factors and employing a joint alloying strategy that combines the coreduction with an antigalvanic reduction (AGR). Although the AGR-derived Pd-based trimetal nanoclusters with single-silver atom kernels have low contents of gold, they show higher activity and selectivity than those of the bimetal precursor nanocluster in the electrocatalytical reduction of CO2 to CO. Furthermore, it is revealed that the kernel single atoms from both Au4Pd6(TBBT)12 and Au3AgPd6(TBBT)12 are not the active sites for catalysis, but greatly influence the catalytical performance by effecting the electronic configuration. Thus, it is demonstrated that the single-atom-kernelled nanocluster can not only improve the precious metal utilization (even to 100%) but also better the properties and provide insight into the structure–property correlation for metal nanoclusters.