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Simple Generation of Cationic Aluminum Alkyls and Alkoxides Based on the Pendant Arm Tridentate Schiff Base

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posted on 20.09.2004, 00:00 authored by Janusz Lewiński, Paweł Horeglad, Maciej Dranka, Iwona Justyniak
The prepared in situ methyl(chloro)aluminum complex (2) from Me2AlCl and the pendant arm tridentate Schiff base (H−SchNMe2) was used to generate the methylaluminum cationic species [(SchNMe2)AlMe]+ in further reaction with 1 equiv of AlCl3 or NaBPh4 as the chloride abstracting reagents. The exposure of the resulting methylaluminum cationic species to an excess of dry dioxygen at 0 °C afforded the alkoxyaluminum cationic species, [(SchNMe2)AlOMe]+ or [(SchNMe2)AlOPh]+. The alkoxylaluminum cations proved to be a very efficient catalyst in the polymerization of ε-caprolactone.