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Si−N Bond Hydrolysis Furnishes a Planar 4-Coordinate 14-Electron Ru(II) Complex with a Triplet Ground State

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posted on 10.07.2006, 00:00 by Amy Walstrom, Maren Pink, Kenneth G. Caulton
Reaction of stoichiometric (2:1) water with [(tBu2PCH2SiMe2)2N]Ru(OSO2CF3) produces planar, 14-valence-electron spin triplet trans-Ru(tBu2PCH2SiMe2O)2. A possible mechanism for this hydrolysis is discussed. This molecule reacts rapidly with CO to give a monocarbonyl, then a cis-dicarbonyl. Reaction with HCCR (R = H or Ph) yields the vinylidene (tBu2PCH2SiMe2O)2RuCCHR.