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Selective Phosphoranation of Unactivated Alkynes with Phosphonium Cation To Achieve Isoquinoline Synthesis

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posted on 2021-05-07, 14:05 authored by Hong Cui, Jinku Bai, Tianyu Ai, Ye Zhan, Guanzhong Li, Honghua Rao
We herein develop a selective phosphoranation of alkynes with phosphonium cation, which directs a concise approach to isoquinolines from unactivated alkyne and nitrile feedstocks in a single step. Mechanistic studies suggest that the annulation reaction is initiated by the unprecedented phosphoranation of alkynes, thus representing a unique reaction pattern of phosphonium salts and distinguishing it from existing protocols that largely rely on the utilization of highly functionalized imines/oximes and/or highly polarized alkynes.